Final Proposal

Since last month, I have been trying to design AR sneaker customization by using real and 3d sneakers in Model Target Generator(Vuforia).

Here is simple UX flow. Once the app detects the sneakers, the UI buttons come out to enable users to do customize sneakers.

I would like to change the sneakers with Background images and stickers. So I allocated the upper side for BG images, and I put some stickers to the downside.

Once users tap the buttons, the confirmation button will come out, and If they want to continue it, ‘Continue’ button will enable them to do more customization.

For  my final project, I would like to elevate tracking quality, and develop more specific interaction functions and design of sticker elements.


Here is the presentation file of full version:



05 Google Map Api

I intended to apply Google Api in Unity. To engineer this project, I created “Canvas” and “Raw image” to push the map API information to Unity. Once we fill in Lat/Lon information from Google Maps, the image will come out to “Raw image” that I set. Also, I can modify the how big it could be by using “Zoom” function.

04 AR Pong

I wanted to create AR ping-pong game by using AR marker. For a long time, I was a good friend of my father, playing ping pong together. After arrived to NYC, we have never thought about playing ping-pong together. This is a part of sad story, and I intended to use multiple user game, but I failed to use two markers.

03 AR Portrait

This week, I tried to create an alive AR portrait by using a video clip that I made. I set a marker by the very first scene because the movie was made by sketch-filtered one, so it has many points which can be a point for embedding an AR marker. I think it could be utilized on showing a hidden story in the photo to deliver unique experiences only for people who have a marker. In our homes, there are many family photos in the living room, including their own secret stories, so the only family members can enjoy their own secret stories via authorized phones.

02 My Alexa(Projection Mapping)


My project is My Alexa.

I was inspired by a famous movie, called HER, especially in a conversation between the human and AI. and I’ve been wondering about the appearance, emotion, and reaction of ALEXA. Consequently, I intended to augment those elements to the Alexa Machine by using projection mapping.
I recorded my friend on the black ground as Alexa, and added voice computer-generated, and then I made a sync together with voice.


01 Animation


I intended to create my logo by using the letter V. Vincent is my name in English, it means Victory. So I usually use the letter as a representation of me. I designed V logo by using illustrator and overlapped abstract animation which can express my passion from my heart with mask function.