06. Personal Card

I wanted to design my portraits to imprint my characteristic and name to others. First, I used my name Vincent instead of Korean name, as Vincent. Actually, this is my roman catholic name which means victory and conqueror. So I utilized letter ‘V’ at eyes, mustache, and added my name on t-shirts. Moreover, I emphasized glasses and ears as my distinct features. As for ears, I tried to use my favorite number 3 to describe my opened ears.

To be honest, I wanted to design a casual personal card instead of a business card. So, I added my personal interests and hobbies to show myself to others more naturally. I believe it would be a great source to be familiar with others.


05 Composition – Wintershow Postcard

I designed a postcard for ITP winter show by a collage because I believe the show would be an intriguing collage show from different perspectives and backgrounds of students. Although It’s hard to define what is ITP, I believe that ITP is an intersection between art and innovation. Consequently, I decided to make a collage by combining Andy Warhol with Steve Jobs as representatives of an Artist and Innovator. It contains that let’s meet the future Andy Warhol and Steve Jobs at ITP winter show.


Plus, I created an abstract pattern by duplicating iMac like Warhol’s silkscreen works.

Furthermore, I made a big collage to make an artistic and technological mood by a circuit.

Finally, I added binary signal on the iMac pattern by using Georgia font.


04 Color Composition

Color CompositionMy favorite color is Orange. When I look at this color, I can feel energetic as if I’m looking at the Sun. Also, I would like to see a three-dimensional shadow which is made by the Sun. That is why I chose the above colors.


01 Undiscovered City

I designed an abstract personal Manhattan map based on my records of Google Map by utilizing five-colors and geometries. The colored districts are my favorite areas that I usually visit, so I am well aware of a geographical information. On the other hand, I painted light-gray grid patterns on the districts that I do not know by breaking up the existing grid system.


02 A Cup of Coffee I painted a cup of coffee by manipulating a picture of coffee. I concentrated on expressing the light and shadow on the cup.


03 Moscot I re-designed the poster of MOSCOT, by using the colors. I utilized a bunch of dots to emphasize a pair of glasses.


04 Welsh Corgi I painted Welsh Corgi, manipulating a picture of the dog.


05 Fractal Icecream  I created Fractal Icecream based on the drawing made by P5.


06 Hexagon I designed rotating hexagons by using the five-colors.




01 Rearranging the componentsTo begin with, I started to rearrange the components of contents according to user-centered experience. The ticket will be divided when they are ticketing from the staff, so this has two purposes. I separated the ticket out for before ticketing and after ticketing.

+Before : The ticket needs to help people to figure out the gate and boarding time.    +After : The ticket should inform to people about flight, seats, and bags.


02 Setting Priorities And then, I prioritized the contents to deliver information clearly. Also, I categorized the relevant information together because this will enable people to check it at a glance.


03 LayoutLast but not least, I set hierarchy to make intuitive visual graphics by using san serif fonts. I chose to use Helvetica and Gotham with black and grey color because I wanted to make a great balance with the logo of DELTA. The reason why I used Gotham font is to emphasize the user’s information since the font is basically bold compared to other fonts.



02. Sign

BUS STOP  This sign of the bus stop is really clear because it displays bus numbers with the final destinations. As we know, Manhattan is not only for New Yorker but also for a lot of travelers. When they take a bus, they probably have a concern if the direction is correct or not. But this signage delivers clear direction by displaying the specific district.


WALK SIGNAL This is a sign for a pedestrian. The majority of signs is based on visual information. However, there are a lot of visually impaired who are exposed to danger. I believe signage on the street needs to not only deliver correct information intuitively but also help people to be safe. This sign delivers both ways by utilizing 3d dimensional tactile characters. Visually impaired people can probably read the information by hands.


BIKE ROUTEThis is a sign for Bike Route. I think the sign is not sufficient for a driver and a biker. In my case, I was not able to recognize where is the route. That area is a really dangerous crossroads, so improper or insufficient signs can cause the traffic accident when a driver turn right. Consequently, I tried to add the colored bike route sign on the road. I believe the sign will be able to convey appropriate boundary for drivers and bikers.



This is a road sign for a driver. Although the sign has clear information, the position is not appropriate for drivers. The sign is located on the right side of the road and it would frequently cause very confusing situations to drivers. If the sign would be hanged with the car street light, it would be more effective.

01. Design Analysis


THE MARTIAN’s Poster delivers an Interesting and curious story. I think a well-made graphic design should deliver an intuitive and imaginable narratives.

First, the Mars has quite a harsh environment where we can’t live. So we always need to wear a spacesuit to survive. Also, Matt Damon’s expression tells us how he is missing the Earth. Those components tell us Matt is in the Mars and he probably wants to go back to the Earth.

Dominant color is dark brown because of a background image. I think It delivers gloomy mood. I extracted the color from impallete service.

The font is Bourgeois which belongs to Sans Serif. I think it conveys modernistic and futuristic mood. Due to the dark background, the font is white in order to have highly readable typography. Also, to make a hierarchy, Medium is used on only the main title.

Two pictures compose the basic layout. First one is the Mars, the Second one is the main character. Matt is a really famous actor who can guarantee big box office in the world. That’s why he is on the poster. I think Title and description are centered on the poster to make a balance with these pictures.