02 Golden Records

Title : Contact

Concept : Inspired by the contents of golden records which is loaded up in NASA’s Voyager. Masking and key light function from after effects are mainly used.

NASA’s golden record

Golden record : https://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/golden-record/whats-on-the-record/

Our intention is to make the twisted ending. So, the film starts with the ECU(extreme close up) size and slowly moves back to capture the scenes out of the frame. Sounds from the real golden record are partly used and all video resources are originated from the contents of golden record.

01 Stop Motion


Day and Night Sunflower 

We started to create the stop motion with sunflowers. The narrative is related in about daily life of a sunflower, and we were inspired by Sunny doll which has features like sunflowers. But most people do not know about the doll, so we created the story by using well-known the flowers which are waiting for sun every day.

To engineer the story, at first, we started to make a stage by cutting and pasting the colored paper. Also, we added the structure by black paper and this allows other paper to rotate them in the structure.

Plus, we used 5D Mark3 and a lighting to record detail changes of scenes with DragonFrame software. The collaboration was really successful and we added some background sound and effects to express the sunflower’s emotion.