01 The American Museum of Natural History

Go to the American Museum of Natural History.
How does it feel when you arrive. What’s your first emotional response?

In my case, I arrived at the museum on a left side, Rose Center, where is directly connected with the central park. I felt that it’s a really interesting approach to visit the Natural History Museum. It seems like visiting this museum is a part of a walk and the ramp inside naturally attracts people to the world that exhibits Earth and Space. Also, contrasting view between trees in nature and massive geometric and futuristic architecture by steel and glass was fairly straightforward as like human life in nature and the Earth. Although I have been visited quite many museums in Europe, I haven’t experienced this kind of accessibility. Someday, I would truly love to access the museum from central by walk.

Please note that monumental sculpture at the Central Park West entrance. Write down what you see. Right there…don’t think about it, don’t put it off. Wander for about a while. Note what catches your eye. Write it down.

I faced the sculpture at the Central Park West entrance in the end. I was quite confused since I was not able to understand the meaning of that. Even if he is a really important historical figure, it seems like an unmatched point in this context. The sculpture seems like a symbol of colony or imperialism because there are two people who assist him besides of horse in the different level. The facade and the sculpture seem like a copy from the scenery of renaissance or Rome age.

 Iimagine it’s actually a museum of the history of exhibit design. The first major exhibit is still on view ( Hall of Northwest Coast Indians, 1896). As a history, you can notice changes in a society’s biases, politics, assumptions of truths. Check out this site to get an overview of the history. Pick one of the older cultural/anthropology halls. How would you update them without changing the exhibits?

Generally, the basic exhibition booth was concise and well-organized I believe. This is because I think they wanted to show the history and figure within a certain context. They normally display the object in the rounded wall, occurring optical illusion. By doing so, visitors are able to feel a more immersive effect, understanding the scene from a holistic perspective.

If I have a chance to change the exhibit, I would like to focus on the exhibition about a dinosaur. This is because the exhibition is made by too much human’s perspective. First of all, I will add some ramps which allow people to more walk up and access to the specific point like head and body since the size of that is totally different from human. Second, I want to add some Augmented Reality to visually display their movements within the huge space which is connected to nature. Last but not least, I’m willing to add VR experience to deliver their perspective how they had been lived with other dinosaurs and species.

Banksy in us (Merry Christmas in NYC)


Banksy in us



I was inspired by Banksy’s works and graffiti on the Brooklyn street. I have been considered that every individual can be a great topic for artwork like Banksy’s works. That is why I choose the title as Banksy in us.



I would like to make a bit hilarious postcard which can deliver pleasure to receivers.
To begin with, users will face the hilarious gifs, and they need to mimic the pose of gifs. If users make the pose like the last pose of the gifs, the photo will be taken by using the screen capture. The photo will be composited with the decorated street of NYC’s Christmas. And then, users will send the photo to others via e-mail, and they will print the card out as a hardcopy.



Face Recognition(landmarks, matching), Processing, Computational Media, Animation(GIF), Visual Design, UX/UI design, Graphic Design



The project is based on Face Recognition and Thresholding functions. As for the former, I will apply face landmarks via faceosc(openframeworks) to extract and match with facial features of users. Especially, I will try to detect information about the position and size of eyes, nose and mouth. As to the latter, thresholded pictures will be composited with the cityscape of NYC.


User Scenario

01. Selecting a GIF that a user wants to mimic it.
02. Watching and practicing a GIF that selected.
03. Mimicking a pose of GIF on the screen.
04. Selecting a postcard which is composited with NYC’s street to send an e-mail.
05. Printing a postcard



This project is based on UX experience by using FACE RECOGNITION. Users’ face will be captured if they can match a facial expression with the GIFs that I applied. And then, I’m going to use their face by utilizing THRESHOLDING effect to compositing their appearance with a cityscape of NYC. In the end, it would be sent and shared through an online service.



By engineering this project, I was able to learn how to code with processing and to apply tons of libraries from Github. Although I have been worked over 3 years as a UX designer in Korea, coding myself was the first time in my life. Also, I learned a lot how to apply video contents to development tools. I hope to have a great exhibition which can deliver happiness to all users.


FINAL – Merry Christmas in NYC


FINAL – Merry Christmas in NYC

I would like to make a bit hilarious postcard which can deliver pleasure to receivers.

To begin with, users will face the hilarious gifs, and they need to mimic the pose of gifs. If users make the pose like the last pose of the gifs, the photo will be taken by using the screen capture. The photo will be comprised with the decorated street of NYC’s christmas. And then, user will send the photo to others, and they will receive the card as a hardcopy.

To engineer the postcard, I will utilize face matching function. First, i’m going to embed some gifs into the p5 to extract face information. And then, i will apply faceosc(openframeworks) to match with the face of users. Especially, i will try to detect information about the position and size of eyes, nose, and mouth.

To make an actual postcard, i will take a photo for users by using threshold function to extract outlines from the photo, and i will apply compositing with some NYC photos.

The output will be like those pictures, and i was inspired by banksy’s works.

Plus, i will utilize those devices to make a great quality.

02 Golden Records

Title : Contact

Concept : Inspired by the contents of golden records which is loaded up in NASA’s Voyager. Masking and key light function from after effects are mainly used.

NASA’s golden record

Golden record : https://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/golden-record/whats-on-the-record/

Our intention is to make the twisted ending. So, the film starts with the ECU(extreme close up) size and slowly moves back to capture the scenes out of the frame. Sounds from the real golden record are partly used and all video resources are originated from the contents of golden record.

Final Project – Sigh Machine

For a final project, we will create a sigh machine which can be controlled by a personal emotion or a social problem. The project will be a bit artistic mechanic machine which is connected with some servos. We are thinking about that the machine will probably be a spatial experience with projections and sound systems. We were inspired by Theo Jensen’s projects and will invent mechanical ribs.

As for input data, we are thinking about tweeter text data or human mouth or the movement of the chest. It will be determined by the final goal.



I wanted to make a short animation by using sticky monster characters, mic and sound function. To begin with, I added mic function to import sound which can move character’s mouse back and forth by reacting voice level.  Plus, I loaded an image from sticky monster lab and added beatbox sound with mouse toggling function.




I wanted to create a customizable holder for iphone X, ipad min, ipad pro. To begin with, I started to measure the physical size of the devices, and then I designed the system. Although I was not able to print it totally because of limited time, I printed the model out about fifty percent.

Finally, I printed the modeling out as three-parts which can be put together as a core, wing and a bridge part. The parts can make a stand of three types which can hold for iPhoneX, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, responding the different sizes.

07. Midterm – Robot Clock


Robot Clock


Conceptual Thought

I wanted to make a robot clock which can be operated by a mechanical system. To begin with, I tried to design a rough system with three servos. 1st Servo and 2nd Servo are robot’s hands to draw numbers, and I planned the lifting function with 3rd Servo because I wanted to separate it out for drawing and waiting functions as if human’s handwriting works.

To engineer a physical clock, I chose to use 3d printing with three servos because I needed to put together each other. So I designed two wings by making holes for servos.


3D Printing

I measured physical objects from Arduino materials including three servos. And then I designed some stuff by using Cad and Rhino3D.


Putting Together

I assembled the objects with three servos by screws, and then I adjusted servo angles to make a great balance.



I connected three servos with digital signals, 4, 3 and 2, respectively. (Right =4, Left=3, Lifting=2)


Time Library

I applied “Time Library” to draw actual time even though I failed to make a real-time clock system. I manipulated example code to draw time by using wings that I made.

06. Personal Card

I wanted to design my portraits to imprint my characteristic and name to others. First, I used my name Vincent instead of Korean name, as Vincent. Actually, this is my roman catholic name which means victory and conqueror. So I utilized letter ‘V’ at eyes, mustache, and added my name on t-shirts. Moreover, I emphasized glasses and ears as my distinct features. As for ears, I tried to use my favorite number 3 to describe my opened ears.

To be honest, I wanted to design a casual personal card instead of a business card. So, I added my personal interests and hobbies to show myself to others more naturally. I believe it would be a great source to be familiar with others.