Final Proposal

Since last month, I have been trying to design AR sneaker customization by using real and 3d sneakers in Model Target Generator(Vuforia).

Here is simple UX flow. Once the app detects the sneakers, the UI buttons come out to enable users to do customize sneakers.

I would like to change the sneakers with Background images and stickers. So I allocated the upper side for BG images, and I put some stickers to the downside.

Once users tap the buttons, the confirmation button will come out, and If they want to continue it, ‘Continue’ button will enable them to do more customization.

For  my final project, I would like to elevate tracking quality, and develop more specific interaction functions and design of sticker elements.


Here is the presentation file of full version:



05 Google Map Api

I intended to apply Google Api in Unity. To engineer this project, I created “Canvas” and “Raw image” to push the map API information to Unity. Once we fill in Lat/Lon information from Google Maps, the image will come out to “Raw image” that I set. Also, I can modify the how big it could be by using “Zoom” function.

04 AR Pong

I wanted to create AR ping-pong game by using AR marker. For a long time, I was a good friend of my father, playing ping pong together. After arrived to NYC, we have never thought about playing ping-pong together. This is a part of sad story, and I intended to use multiple user game, but I failed to use two markers.

03 AR Portrait

This week, I tried to create an alive AR portrait by using a video clip that I made. I set a marker by the very first scene because the movie was made by sketch-filtered one, so it has many points which can be a point for embedding an AR marker. I think it could be utilized on showing a hidden story in the photo to deliver unique experiences only for people who have a marker. In our homes, there are many family photos in the living room, including their own secret stories, so the only family members can enjoy their own secret stories via authorized phones.

02 Interview

I had an interview with Tong Wu, who has been lived in Bedford nearby for over one year. She just moved to Bedstuy because there is no alternative option to move to Manhattan and her neighborhood also is moving to other parts of Brooklyn. Although there are several options to access to Manhattan, those are not a cost-effective way, spending time more. They are willing to move further from Manhattan to take other trains instead of L train.


02 My Alexa(Projection Mapping)


My project is My Alexa.

I was inspired by a famous movie, called HER, especially in a conversation between the human and AI. and I’ve been wondering about the appearance, emotion, and reaction of ALEXA. Consequently, I intended to augment those elements to the Alexa Machine by using projection mapping.
I recorded my friend on the black ground as Alexa, and added voice computer-generated, and then I made a sync together with voice.


01 The American Museum of Natural History

Go to the American Museum of Natural History.
How does it feel when you arrive. What’s your first emotional response?

In my case, I arrived at the museum on a left side, Rose Center, where is directly connected with the central park. I felt that it’s a really interesting approach to visit the Natural History Museum. It seems like visiting this museum is a part of a walk and the ramp inside naturally attracts people to the world that exhibits Earth and Space. Also, contrasting view between trees in nature and massive geometric and futuristic architecture by steel and glass was fairly straightforward as like human life in nature and the Earth. Although I have been visited quite many museums in Europe, I haven’t experienced this kind of accessibility. Someday, I would truly love to access the museum from central by walk.

Please note that monumental sculpture at the Central Park West entrance. Write down what you see. Right there…don’t think about it, don’t put it off. Wander for about a while. Note what catches your eye. Write it down.

I faced the sculpture at the Central Park West entrance in the end. I was quite confused since I was not able to understand the meaning of that. Even if he is a really important historical figure, it seems like an unmatched point in this context. The sculpture seems like a symbol of colony or imperialism because there are two people who assist him besides of horse in the different level. The facade and the sculpture seem like a copy from the scenery of renaissance or Rome age.

 Iimagine it’s actually a museum of the history of exhibit design. The first major exhibit is still on view ( Hall of Northwest Coast Indians, 1896). As a history, you can notice changes in a society’s biases, politics, assumptions of truths. Check out this site to get an overview of the history. Pick one of the older cultural/anthropology halls. How would you update them without changing the exhibits?

Generally, the basic exhibition booth was concise and well-organized I believe. This is because I think they wanted to show the history and figure within a certain context. They normally display the object in the rounded wall, occurring optical illusion. By doing so, visitors are able to feel a more immersive effect, understanding the scene from a holistic perspective.

If I have a chance to change the exhibit, I would like to focus on the exhibition about a dinosaur. This is because the exhibition is made by too much human’s perspective. First of all, I will add some ramps which allow people to more walk up and access to the specific point like head and body since the size of that is totally different from human. Second, I want to add some Augmented Reality to visually display their movements within the huge space which is connected to nature. Last but not least, I’m willing to add VR experience to deliver their perspective how they had been lived with other dinosaurs and species.

01 Terrible Memory

Last week, I visited Cuba with my friend for a summer vacation. On the beach, I got an injury on my left knee, so I was able to get back to the ground like a Zombie.

That day, the weather was awesome and I was too much excited. I was running into the sea really fast and jumped many times with waves, but there was uneven ground on the beach.

Consequently, I finally got a bone fracture on my left knee. I asked my friend to help me, but he quite laughed a lot because he thought it didn’t seem like a dangerous situation. In the end, I was able to walk to the ground like this zombie from the sea.

01 Journey Map

Currently, I have to use crutches because of my injury when I move to other places. This is because I usually can’t use public transportation since there are not enough facilities for people with disabilities including even an elevator in a subway station.

I was born and raised in Seoul, S.Korea. I believe the recently developed countries have abundant facilities and signs for people with disabilities in public transportation. Especially, the elevator in a station is essential equipment because it could be really helpful for senior citizens and people who have big pieces of luggage and get some injuries.

Trip: Tisch to Ktown(50West 34th NY) by Uber Pool

The only way that I can move to home or school is to take Uber Pool. To share with other people, my destination is always changed automatically based on other’s destinations. Consequently, I usually need to walk at least 10 from the initial destination.


Trip: Tisch to Williamsburg by L Train 

As for Davon my friend, he is living in Williamsburg nearby Bedford station. He usually takes L train to get his home. To take the train, he had to move to Union Square by walk for 10min and it takes normally 15min to Bedford Av. The only way to get home is to take L train, but it is frequently delayed on a daily basis, so it’s not easy to expect the estimated time of arrival. He said that not enough way of public transportation is a quite big problem for him, spending much money on alternative Taxi system.