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Currently, I have to use crutches because of my injury when I move to other places. This is because I usually can’t use public transportation since there are not enough facilities for people with disabilities including even an elevator in a subway station.

I was born and raised in Seoul, S.Korea. I believe the recently developed countries have abundant facilities and signs for people with disabilities in public transportation. Especially, the elevator in a station is essential equipment because it could be really helpful for senior citizens and people who have big pieces of luggage and get some injuries.

Trip: Tisch to Ktown(50West 34th NY) by Uber Pool

The only way that I can move to home or school is to take Uber Pool. To share with other people, my destination is always changed automatically based on other’s destinations. Consequently, I usually need to walk at least 10 from the initial destination.


Trip: Tisch to Williamsburg by L Train 

As for Davon my friend, he is living in Williamsburg nearby Bedford station. He usually takes L train to get his home. To take the train, he had to move to Union Square by walk for 10min and it takes normally 15min to Bedford Av. The only way to get home is to take L train, but it is frequently delayed on a daily basis, so it’s not easy to expect the estimated time of arrival. He said that not enough way of public transportation is a quite big problem for him, spending much money on alternative Taxi system.



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