03. ON for people with disabilities

This project is for people with disabilities, turning-on their limited world. 

I heard that they are living in the totally different world by utilizing other senses. I intended to create this service to help them to be in safe.

To engineer this service, I wanted to utilize Augmented Reality with visual and audio elements.

I was mostly inspired by World Brush app which enables us to paint something based on GPS. Plus, I wanted to use traditional Street View on Google Map. Unfortunately, Google street view does NOT offer specific current status, so I want to combine their pros and cons into my service.

I wish that this service could be simultaneously updated ALWAYS-ON map for visionary and hearing-impaired, sharing valuable information one another. 

The left screen is an initial landing page. On the lowest side, there is a tap-bar which contains UPLOAD, ON, and SETTING modules.

The upper side is for uploading contents which provide users with specific location and street view. They can paint some important information like a warning sign by using Brush and Paint tools.

As for a user side, lower screens, they will be able to figure out on-going warning notices when they move to other places with visual and hearing AR via image makers.




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