Banksy in us (Merry Christmas in NYC)

Banksy in us



I was inspired by Banksy’s works and graffiti on the Brooklyn street. I have been considered that every individual can be a great topic for artwork like Banksy’s works. That is why I choose the title as Banksy in us.



I would like to make a bit hilarious postcard which can deliver pleasure to receivers.
To begin with, users will face the hilarious gifs, and they need to mimic the pose of gifs. If users make the pose like the last pose of the gifs, the photo will be taken by using the screen capture. The photo will be composited with the decorated street of NYC’s Christmas. And then, users will send the photo to others via e-mail, and they will print the card out as a hardcopy.



Face Recognition(landmarks, matching), Processing, Computational Media, Animation(GIF), Visual Design, UX/UI design, Graphic Design



The project is based on Face Recognition and Thresholding functions. As for the former, I will apply face landmarks via faceosc(openframeworks) to extract and match with facial features of users. Especially, I will try to detect information about the position and size of eyes, nose and mouth. As to the latter, thresholded pictures will be composited with the cityscape of NYC.


User Scenario

01. Selecting a GIF that a user wants to mimic it.
02. Watching and practicing a GIF that selected.
03. Mimicking a pose of GIF on the screen.
04. Selecting a postcard which is composited with NYC’s street to send an e-mail.
05. Printing a postcard



This project is based on UX experience by using FACE RECOGNITION. Users’ face will be captured if they can match a facial expression with the GIFs that I applied. And then, I’m going to use their face by utilizing THRESHOLDING effect to compositing their appearance with a cityscape of NYC. In the end, it would be sent and shared through an online service.



By engineering this project, I was able to learn how to code with processing and to apply tons of libraries from Github. Although I have been worked over 3 years as a UX designer in Korea, coding myself was the first time in my life. Also, I learned a lot how to apply video contents to development tools. I hope to have a great exhibition which can deliver happiness to all users.


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