FINAL – Merry Christmas in NYC

FINAL – Merry Christmas in NYC

I would like to make a bit hilarious postcard which can deliver pleasure to receivers.

To begin with, users will face the hilarious gifs, and they need to mimic the pose of gifs. If users make the pose like the last pose of the gifs, the photo will be taken by using the screen capture. The photo will be comprised with the decorated street of NYC’s christmas. And then, user will send the photo to others, and they will receive the card as a hardcopy.

To engineer the postcard, I will utilize face matching function. First, i’m going to embed some gifs into the p5 to extract face information. And then, i will apply faceosc(openframeworks) to match with the face of users. Especially, i will try to detect information about the position and size of eyes, nose, and mouth.

To make an actual postcard, i will take a photo for users by using threshold function to extract outlines from the photo, and i will apply compositing with some NYC photos.

The output will be like those pictures, and i was inspired by banksy’s works.

Plus, i will utilize those devices to make a great quality.

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