02 Golden Records

Title : Contact

Concept : Inspired by the contents of golden records which is loaded up in NASA’s Voyager. Masking and key light function from after effects are mainly used.

NASA’s golden record

Golden record : https://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/golden-record/whats-on-the-record/

Our intention is to make the twisted ending. So, the film starts with the ECU(extreme close up) size and slowly moves back to capture the scenes out of the frame. Sounds from the real golden record are partly used and all video resources are originated from the contents of golden record.

Final Project – Sigh Machine

For a final project, we will create a sigh machine which can be controlled by a personal emotion or a social problem. The project will be a bit artistic mechanic machine which is connected with some servos. We are thinking about that the machine will probably be a spatial experience with projections and sound systems. We were inspired by Theo Jensen’s projects and will invent mechanical ribs.

As for input data, we are thinking about tweeter text data or human mouth or the movement of the chest. It will be determined by the final goal.



I wanted to make a short animation by using sticky monster characters, mic and sound function. To begin with, I added mic function to import sound which can move character’s mouse back and forth by reacting voice level.  Plus, I loaded an image from sticky monster lab and added beatbox sound with mouse toggling function.