07. Midterm – Robot Clock

Robot Clock


Conceptual Thought

I wanted to make a robot clock which can be operated by a mechanical system. To begin with, I tried to design a rough system with three servos. 1st Servo and 2nd Servo are robot’s hands to draw numbers, and I planned the lifting function with 3rd Servo because I wanted to separate it out for drawing and waiting functions as if human’s handwriting works.

To engineer a physical clock, I chose to use 3d printing with three servos because I needed to put together each other. So I designed two wings by making holes for servos.


3D Printing

I measured physical objects from Arduino materials including three servos. And then I designed some stuff by using Cad and Rhino3D.


Putting Together

I assembled the objects with three servos by screws, and then I adjusted servo angles to make a great balance.



I connected three servos with digital signals, 4, 3 and 2, respectively. (Right =4, Left=3, Lifting=2)


Time Library

I applied “Time Library” to draw actual time even though I failed to make a real-time clock system. I manipulated example code to draw time by using wings that I made.

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