04. 5 Week

A Draft Modeling for the Final Project

Customizable Tablet Stand for iPhoneX, iPad Mini, iPad Pro I would like to design an adjustable stand for iPhoneX, iPad Mini and iPad Pro for the final project. I have a bunch of phones and tablets that have different size respectively, but I don’t have a proper stand which can hold them together. I think if there is a stand which can be responded to the size, it would be the best way to hold them.


To begin with, I started to make triangles and parallelograms by applying similar figures. Since these figures can be separated and put together, maintaining their shapes.


Finally, I created two-parts which can be put together as a core part and a bridge part. This system can make a stand of three types which can hold for iPhoneX, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, responding the different sizes.



2 weeks ago, I failed to print the model out clearly, so I added some supportable elements to make a better result. Especially, I concentrated on modeling objects a bit to assist physically weak parts such as a hole and an opened shape.


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