05 Iteration & Testing / Wearable Physical Computing

Iteration & Testing

It was not easy to create a glove piano by manipulating the digital piano that I made last week. To make a glove piano, I was able to use ADC Touch library with analog signals as touch sensors that can be played individually by five-fingers. I also included the reference values for each pin by utilizing notes C through G.



Wearable Physical Computing

During the last week, I have been searching for the needs of people, reading books ‘Design Thinking’, ‘Field Guide to Human-centered Design’. By understanding the sources, I figured out some social or individual issues which are frequently occurred in blind people, missing child, and pet.

I would like to focus on creating a wearable device which can interact with one another for people visually impaired or children or pets because they have disadvantages which cannot smoothly interact with people.



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