04. Digital Piano

Digital Piano

I created a digital piano which can be played by three buttons. They have discrete notes which are connected the digital signal 2,3 and 4 respectively. As we know, we can play piano when we are striking the keyboard, so I made it in the same system.

To begin with, I created a small digital piano which has a note by Arduino. The piano is connected by the digital signal (pins 2,3,4) and set the signal as NOTE_E4, NOTE_D and NOTE_C4, respectively.

Also, I added Void Setup by using “for” function, because I wanted to make the sound when I’m pressing the button. Plus, I added Void Loop to make the sound by connecting to pin 8 with duration 20 [Syntax : tone(pin, frequency, duration)] if the signal is HiGH (digitalRead==HIGH).

Actually, I wanted to make a digital piano which can be played by a glove. If it would be possible, we can probably play the piano on the table without a piano. Although I failed to make a playful piano by gloves, I was able to make a digital piano by Arduino. 

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