I wanted to create a customizable holder for iphone X, ipad min, ipad pro. To begin with, I started to measure the physical size of the devices, and then I designed the system. Although I was not able to print it totally because of limited time, I printed the model out about fifty percent.

Finally, I printed the modeling out as three-parts which can be put together as a core, wing and a bridge part. The parts can make a stand of three types which can hold for iPhoneX, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, responding the different sizes.

07. Midterm – Robot Clock


Robot Clock


Conceptual Thought

I wanted to make a robot clock which can be operated by a mechanical system. To begin with, I tried to design a rough system with three servos. 1st Servo and 2nd Servo are robot’s hands to draw numbers, and I planned the lifting function with 3rd Servo because I wanted to separate it out for drawing and waiting functions as if human’s handwriting works.

To engineer a physical clock, I chose to use 3d printing with three servos because I needed to put together each other. So I designed two wings by making holes for servos.


3D Printing

I measured physical objects from Arduino materials including three servos. And then I designed some stuff by using Cad and Rhino3D.


Putting Together

I assembled the objects with three servos by screws, and then I adjusted servo angles to make a great balance.



I connected three servos with digital signals, 4, 3 and 2, respectively. (Right =4, Left=3, Lifting=2)


Time Library

I applied “Time Library” to draw actual time even though I failed to make a real-time clock system. I manipulated example code to draw time by using wings that I made.

06. Personal Card

I wanted to design my portraits to imprint my characteristic and name to others. First, I used my name Vincent instead of Korean name, as Vincent. Actually, this is my roman catholic name which means victory and conqueror. So I utilized letter ‘V’ at eyes, mustache, and added my name on t-shirts. Moreover, I emphasized glasses and ears as my distinct features. As for ears, I tried to use my favorite number 3 to describe my opened ears.

To be honest, I wanted to design a casual personal card instead of a business card. So, I added my personal interests and hobbies to show myself to others more naturally. I believe it would be a great source to be familiar with others.


06 Serial Communication


I wanted to make a digital piano which can be played by a keyboard, communicating with Arduino. The system that I made can be responded when a user is pressing the designated keys.

To begin with, I tried to add the serial communication function by setting some keys ( ‘a’, ‘w’, ‘s’, ‘e’, ‘d’, ‘f’, ‘t’, ‘g’, ‘y’, ‘h’, ‘u’, ‘j’, ‘k’) which can display the notes on the P5(“C”, “C#”, “D”, “D#”, “E”, “F”, “F#”, “G”, “G#”, “A”, “A#”, “B”, “C”) respectively.

Plus, I added a keyPressed function to engineer a keyboard interaction. Finally, I connected P5 with Arduino via serialEvent.



04. 5 Week

A Draft Modeling for the Final Project

Customizable Tablet Stand for iPhoneX, iPad Mini, iPad Pro I would like to design an adjustable stand for iPhoneX, iPad Mini and iPad Pro for the final project. I have a bunch of phones and tablets that have different size respectively, but I don’t have a proper stand which can hold them together. I think if there is a stand which can be responded to the size, it would be the best way to hold them.


To begin with, I started to make triangles and parallelograms by applying similar figures. Since these figures can be separated and put together, maintaining their shapes.


Finally, I created two-parts which can be put together as a core part and a bridge part. This system can make a stand of three types which can hold for iPhoneX, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, responding the different sizes.



2 weeks ago, I failed to print the model out clearly, so I added some supportable elements to make a better result. Especially, I concentrated on modeling objects a bit to assist physically weak parts such as a hole and an opened shape.


05 Composition – Wintershow Postcard

I designed a postcard for ITP winter show by a collage because I believe the show would be an intriguing collage show from different perspectives and backgrounds of students. Although It’s hard to define what is ITP, I believe that ITP is an intersection between art and innovation. Consequently, I decided to make a collage by combining Andy Warhol with Steve Jobs as representatives of an Artist and Innovator. It contains that let’s meet the future Andy Warhol and Steve Jobs at ITP winter show.


Plus, I created an abstract pattern by duplicating iMac like Warhol’s silkscreen works.

Furthermore, I made a big collage to make an artistic and technological mood by a circuit.

Finally, I added binary signal on the iMac pattern by using Georgia font.


05 Object-oriented & Class


05. Object-oriented & Class

This week assignment aims to design a sketch in an object-oriented and class, so I wanted to try using images in my work. I loaded a dozen of images to my sketch.

At the first, I considered of creating balls with a goalkeeper as he is practicing to keep the bouncing balls. Therefore, I loaded some balls which can be controlled by the mouse by using an image and a class function. They are bouncing in the frame to make a score, avoiding a goalkeeper.

05 Iteration & Testing / Wearable Physical Computing


Iteration & Testing

It was not easy to create a glove piano by manipulating the digital piano that I made last week. To make a glove piano, I was able to use ADC Touch library with analog signals as touch sensors that can be played individually by five-fingers. I also included the reference values for each pin by utilizing notes C through G.



Wearable Physical Computing

During the last week, I have been searching for the needs of people, reading books ‘Design Thinking’, ‘Field Guide to Human-centered Design’. By understanding the sources, I figured out some social or individual issues which are frequently occurred in blind people, missing child, and pet.

I would like to focus on creating a wearable device which can interact with one another for people visually impaired or children or pets because they have disadvantages which cannot smoothly interact with people.