03. Observation & Labs

Connected Worlds by design-io

Exhibits at the Hall of Science. Photo by David Handschuh

I visited Maker Fair and the Hall of Science last weekend. In the Hall of Science, I interestingly witnessed people who are enjoying Connected Worlds attraction, used by multiple people. The attraction is a large scale immersive and composed of six interactive ecosystems spread out across the walls, connecting together by a 3,000 sqft.

The attraction is surrounded by interactive forest and people can interact with animals and objects by hands. I just thought the interaction was made by the movement of people such as jumping, running and walking. However, the interactive experiences are made by gesture sensing by using MS Kinect. The devices were hanging up with the ceiling and this traced the behaviors of people, sensing with the digital animals in the wall.

Exhibits at the Hall of Science. Photo by David Handschuh

However, there was a difficulty to make multiple interactions with a few people because the Kinect was able to trace only one person each. Also, the device could not offer people to specific interactions because of technical problems.

Although there are some difficulties, the way of interaction and intuitive conversations are really great in terms of usability. Especially, simple interactive ways provide children with enjoyable experiences by responding their behaviors.

Exhibits at the Hall of Science. Photo by David Handschuh

The whole transaction takes almost 10min by offering various creatures and plants based on the health of the environment.



I set up a basic digital circuit which is connected to IDE. The five LEDs that I added are sequentially controlled by the logic that I made. Because of the rule of the digital signal, I used pinMode and digitalWrite(number,HIGH/LOW) to connect with digital IO circuit. Also, I added delay time to make an integrated LED performance.


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