02. An Adjustable Shelf

I have some stuff that I need to use on a daily basis such as earphones, keys, and lines. Since there is no proper shelf to arrange them, I try to untie the knot every morning. Because of this inconvenience, I designed an adjustable shelf which can be recreated by various blocks.

STEP 1 (Line, Polyline, Filet, Point, Divide)

+ Drawing the basic guideline to make the shelf (300X400mm)


STEP 2 (Circle, Extrude Surface, Loft) + Designing a module by using a circle.

+ Making a surface to build a shelf.

+ Extruding circle to make the holes of the shelf.


STEP 3 (Boolean Union)+ Making holes by using Boolean Union function.

STEP 4 (Extrude Surface, Scale 1D, Scale)

+ Designing blocks which can hang the stuff up.

STEP 5 (Move)+ Putting the two parts together, connecting from the blocks to the surface.

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