02. Sign

BUS STOP  This sign of the bus stop is really clear because it displays bus numbers with the final destinations. As we know, Manhattan is not only for New Yorker but also for a lot of travelers. When they take a bus, they probably have a concern if the direction is correct or not. But this signage delivers clear direction by displaying the specific district.


WALK SIGNAL This is a sign for a pedestrian. The majority of signs is based on visual information. However, there are a lot of visually impaired who are exposed to danger. I believe signage on the street needs to not only deliver correct information intuitively but also help people to be safe. This sign delivers both ways by utilizing 3d dimensional tactile characters. Visually impaired people can probably read the information by hands.


BIKE ROUTEThis is a sign for Bike Route. I think the sign is not sufficient for a driver and a biker. In my case, I was not able to recognize where is the route. That area is a really dangerous crossroads, so improper or insufficient signs can cause the traffic accident when a driver turn right. Consequently, I tried to add the colored bike route sign on the road. I believe the sign will be able to convey appropriate boundary for drivers and bikers.



This is a road sign for a driver. Although the sign has clear information, the position is not appropriate for drivers. The sign is located on the right side of the road and it would frequently cause very confusing situations to drivers. If the sign would be hanged with the car street light, it would be more effective.

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