01. A Coffee Mug

I usually start every morning, drinking a cup of coffee by this mug. When I came to NYC, I immediately bought this cup at the Bookstore to drink coffee on a daily basis. Although I designed a bunch of architectural projects by utilizing Rhino, I would like to focus on designing industrial products and appliances to create interactive products like IoT. Consequently, I started to create an ordinary product to looking into its usability.


STEP 01 (Line, Curve, Polyline, Offset, Fillet, Point)+ Drawing outlines by using polyline and curve functions.
+ Editing points to design the smooth shape.


STEP 02 (Revolve)+ Revolving lines to make the shape of the Mug.


STEP 03 (Arc, Sweep 2 Rails)+ Drawing four-arc to make an outline for the handle of the cup.
+ Sweeping 2 rails with the four-arc to make the rough handle.


STEP 04 (Text, Pull Curve)+ Texting the Logo of the cup by utilizing Text function.
+ Extracting the curves from Text.
+ Pulling the curve to a Surface of the mug by using Pull curve function.




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