01 Week – Mondrian

01. Introduction and Drawing

I’m fascinated with artworks of emerging artists.

This summer, I designed a social art service called BBuzzArt as a UX designer. The service is an art social platform and art-market which can globally connect between emerging artists and art-lovers. I truly believe that the service will be a helpful incubator and healthy ecosystem for global emerging artists.

I have a plan to create an interactive museum by using a bunch of painting and photograph on winter show. So I would like to focus on designing interactive image-transition system. Although I’m not sure yet, I will probably try to extract Pantone colors and objects from artworks by using HTML color data and google image recognition system. The data will be a great source to design artistic transition called data visualization.

In the ICM Wiki page, I like to admire NYC Street Trees, Urban Layers, Jennifer Steinkamp and teamlab.




The first work is an artwork of Mondrian.

I set up Canvas (500×520) because the work is not square even though it seems an exact square. Plus, I sketched basic composition with four-narrow rectangles to make a proper proportion. Also, I added sub-lines by drawing short lines. And then, I filled the lines in dark gray color and added no-fill function.

After making a composition, I designed colored rectangles. I measured an exact point from existing lines to draw main objects. I found out the color from HTML color picker (). Consequently, I filled in four colors by using color function.

Github Link >


+ Problem & Solution

A drawing artwork was not easy compare to designing that by using Adobe. Actually, it was the very first work because I’ve never used coding tools before. To make a better output, I need to eagerly understand how to code and practice various works.

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