01. What is interaction?

Now, we live in the connected world. The world is built by advanced computer science tech by using a specialized language. The language enables us to interact with people, creatures and artificial objects, so we can converse with them regardless of a language barrier. Although I agree that interaction is a conversation as the author’s opinion, I would like to emphasize that interaction is “communication” between people and objects or entities that provide the functionality of these actions in the context.

I always communicate with them in the real world. I wake up at 8 o’clock by clicking alarm button on an app and this automatically tells me today’s weather. I commute to ITP by checking PATH time schedule on iPhone. Google map shows me a variety of ways to get there. At the lunchtime, my friends and I order meals on Uber eats while the plants I grow are also having enough water, light, and nutrients with a smart garden device. After class, I frequently work out at 404 fitness to check my health condition with a wearable device. And then, before bedtime, Awair which is a smart air conditional device informs me air condition of my room and I control air condition by utilizing the app to have a good night’s sleep.

Those actions and behaviors are interaction which can not only communicate with devices and services, but also artificial objects, and creatures by connecting incognizable health condition, imperceptible air condition, and inexpressible plants. In this process, communication is connected by “body language” called physical computing. Some creatures and objects tell their conditions or opinions with a movement. Designed sensors and technologies immediately detect the movement and convert to a specialized language to connecting their communications.

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